October Exhibition:

Pernie Fallon and Guy Giersch

Beyond the Visible Landscape

October 14 - 31, 2017

Opening Reception October 14, 2017 6-9pm, Artisit talk at 8pm


In this show, the photography of Guy Giersch and the paintings of

Pernie Fallon fill the room with the intense presence of the wildness

and solitude of the places they love. Places so vast and far reaching

that they push the limits of reality, leaving indelible impressions in

the artists' hearts and minds. No matter where the location, Fallon

and Giersch's art reflects the feel of immense space, revealing magic

vistas accessible only through the artists' minds -- images that exist

beyond the visible landscape.

Wayne H. Lambert, the artist behind Almost Art, has been creating 3-dimensional art pieces & unusual paintings for more than 30 years. Wayne was co-owner of Showcrafters Inc., a Dallas-based theatrical design and fabrication company for more than 25 years. After each Showcrafters’ ‘gig’, there was usually a large quantity of unusual items and leftover scenery that could never be used again. So, he began crafting his unique pieces from surplus items and the old scenery.


A theatrical lighting/scenic designer by trade, Wayne continues to use found objects and ‘leftovers’ in his work. Three of his pieces were selected for the Greater Denton Arts Council’s Open Call Show in the Spring of 2016, including Faded Glory, currently on display at The Martin Place. His painting titled Stingray and the 3-D piece Pirate & Pig were selected as two of the top 10 winners of the Texas Biggest Ten for Art competition. These pieces will be on display July 20 through September 4 at the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum in Katy, Texas.


When not traveling across the country as a lighting designer or babysitting his two grandchildren Jack & Whittlei, Wayne can be found at his studio in East Texas where he continues to create his unique pieces from found objects and repurposed paintings.